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The story of glass

We never settle

Like any good wine that needs time, we also went through a development that requires patience and special care. However, our goal has always been crystal clear: to offer a truly exceptional product. Make wine or champagne tasting a special moment. And never compromise on demands.

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We tried to find a proper brand… The date was February 20, 2022. We could not figure out anything. Finally, we ended up the brainstorming and looked at the clock. The time was 20:22… exactly. The brand name was born.
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Promoting excellence

In cooperation with the Květná glassworks, we have prepared a collection of very thin but strong glass made of titanium, the uniqueness of which you will recognize the moment you hold it in your hand.

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Discover our collection of titanium glass

Dmychadlo na sklo
The way we make glass is the result
of a centuries-old heritage of our ancestors 
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