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Sklář Tvarování sklářských


100% hand-made glass

Made by masters

We can see quality not in the glass itself, but

in the people who make it. In Europe, you can count on the fingers of your hand the number

of glassworks that can deliver such a handmade product. Such masters are in the Květná Glassworks.


With tradition
and modern design

Mutual respect for craftsmanship and an extraordinary experience creates a unique symbiosis of glass masters and artists, from which a new timeless design with a clear message for future generations emerges.

Kompozice_ glass93093_edited_edited.jpg

Light yet
titanium strong

The glass is made entirely by hand, using traditional and ecologically considerate method

in melting-pot furnaces. Unleaded glass

from glassworks is completely safe, as confirmed by the State Testing Laboratory certificate.

Titanium crystal glass

Ecological lead-free crystal

0,7 - 1,0 mm 
fire polished rim
Extra thin, yet extreme 
flexible & durable
Smooth Touch – pulled stem,
no glued pieces, no bulges,
1 piece of solid glass only

100 % hand-made


The Květná Glassworks produces hand-made glass
since 1794
The process of creation

High-quality glass sand - melting – first-class lead-free crystal - blowing – forming in a handmade beech wood mould - cooling – polishing of sharp top rim - cutting


Perfection perceived by many

Notable artists who collaborated with the glassworks include, for example, French designer Jean-Marie Massaud, Portuguese designer Marco Sousa Santos, and the Israeli artist living in Paris, Arik Levy. Among the Czech glass artists and designers, these are mainly Rony Plesl,

the Olgoj Chorchoj studio, Jiří Šuhájek,

Lars Kemper & Peter Olah, Lukáš Jabůrek, 

and the Mimolimit architectural studio.

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